Use the above diamond blade application chart to determine what range of applications best suits your cutting requirements.

A common misconception is that a general purpose concrete diamond blade will perform well in all types of concrete. Unfortunately in some situations this is not the case as the abrasive characteristics of an aerated piece of concrete such as concrete blocks or concrete roof tiles reduce segment life expectancy and would be better suited to a harder bond abrasive concrete segment such as a blade from the TPX, DPX or ABX Range.


What machine you are using and what bore size does it have. The following size diameter blades use the following bore sizes on the most common machines.

Blade Diameter / Bore Size

4” (100mm) = 16mm
4.5” – 9” (115-230mm) = 22.23mm
12” (300-305mm) = 20mm

This table should only be used as a basic guide. If you are unsure of the correct bore size you should refer to the machines operator manual of your machine.


The initial purchase price is obviously a very important factor when investing in a diamond blade. The initial cost can be understandably misleading due to the majority of diamond blades looking the same.

As you would expect the grade of segments used directly influences the lifetime and speed of cut thus providing a better cost per cut ratio on the more expensive products. If you have an ongoing requirement to cut the same product they will receive a better return from their original investment by opting for the more expensive higher grade diamond blades.